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◆ No new story, please Contributor:Thrawn    Quotation 

After reading your blog can I request you NOT start a new story. Please continue Blue Eyes, that is already a GREAT story that needs more volumes and an ending. How about publishing that story from the france.jp website?
2014/08/02(Sat) 23:12:00 [ No.810 ]

◆ 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 available from J-List! Contributor:Yamal    Quotation 

Hello, everyone!

I'm just sending this message to let everyone know that J-List has 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 in stock at last. I have already purchased mine. Buy it before it runs out of stock. ^_^
2014/07/29(Tue) 19:47:54 [ No.801 ]
◇ Re: 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 available from J-List! Contributor:drpig    Quotation 

Thanks! I purchase it immediately!
2014/07/29(Tue) 22:54:53 [ No.802 ]
◇ Re: 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 available from J-List! Contributor:stevelee    Quotation 

Thank you for the information, just placed an order.
2014/08/02(Sat) 16:54:41 [ No.809 ]

◆ No title Contributor:drpig    Quotation 

Congratulations for best sail!!!
Nishimaki SenSei
2014/07/18(Fri) 17:54:39 [ No.789 ]
◇ Re: No title Contributor:Tohru_N    Quotation 

Thank you for your post.

DmM2 became a bestseller in the Amazon co.jp on the day of the new book Release Date.

Thanks to everyone. I appreciate it

2014/08/02(Sat) 15:31:40 [ No.808 ]

◆ More Blue Eyes? Contributor:Thrawn    Quotation 

With the popularity of DMM2 can there be more Blue Eyes volumes? I also purchased DMM2 thru Tokyo-archive.com and look forward to its arrive. What suggested storylines would my fellow fans of this site like to see? I would like Tatsuya to sleep with Naomi (Lisa and Meg's mother) in the kitchen. Use Tatsuya's time travel abilities more, like for a three way with Ceiclia and two Tatsuyas. As always please keep up the great work.
2014/07/25(Fri) 16:50:30 [ No.795 ]

◆ where to buy DMM2 and older work Contributor:    Quotation 

So i live in europe and Mr. Nishimaki's work is pretty hard to buy.

Does anyone know some english language stores where i can buy his manga's?
2014/07/16(Wed) 22:46:13 [ No.787 ]
◇ Re: where to buy DMM2 and older work Contributor:Toast    Quotation 

Usually J-List have been very good at selling Nishimaki-san's work. I have been very impatient, and cannot wait for them to list\sell Dear My Mother #2.

I pre-ordered DMM2 through Mangaoh. I got an email from them this morning, saying that the comic has been shipped via EMS to the UK. A little bit expensive, but it is always worth it for such great work!

The website has an option to turn on translation via Google. Seems to work okay in English.
2014/07/17(Thu) 07:43:27 [ No.788 ]

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