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◆ Is this the end of Scarlet Desire? Contributor:Fellini 08    Quotation 

Hi Tohru,
me again.... i've just read that you'll continue Blue Eyes... hmm I'm little sad about this, because I think that Scarlet Desire/Dear my Mother are your masterworks!! Hitomi is soooooo sexy & beautiful. I hope in the near future you'll draw/write a third part... Maybe with the story, that the son have an affair with a very erotic, older woman (a very busty, beautiful secretary who give him ultimate hand and blow jobs) and Hitomi is jeaulus and have an affair with a very young man... in the end of the story the'll will reconcile and live still together... Currently I'm reading comics from your collegue Hara Shigeyuki. I think he can't draw such wonderful women like you, but he has good ideas, movements and tempo in his stories and I like the situations that strange mens grapped his busty women and ripped their clothes from her bodies..
2015/06/11(Thu) 22:21:19 [ No.932 ]

◆ DMM EX Contributor:DMM Fan    Quotation 

Glad to learn fro the japanese site that there will be new scene for EX 8. Is it possible to add secne using breast milk pump on Hitomi in coming EX?
2015/03/05(Thu) 23:03:20 [ No.920 ]
◇ Re: DMM EX Contributor:Toastern    Quotation 

Dear Nishimaki-san.
Will Scarlet Desire EX scene:008 be available on the English section of DLsite?
2015/05/22(Fri) 06:04:26 [ No.928 ]
◇ Re: DMM EX Contributor:Toastern    Quotation 

Thank you for putting Ex 008 on sale for International purchase.
2015/05/30(Sat) 19:43:34 [ No.930 ]

◆ Suggestion for W Titillation Contributor:W Titillation    Quotation 

Boy met heroine's mother in the crowd train after her gathering and drinking with her friends. When they walked along home, itwas heavy raining suddenly and so they started running. When mother almost fell down from the staircase, boy savd her by grabbing her breasts. Boy suggested to stop at his home first to wait for stop raining. When they arrived the home, they were all wet and boy found mother's shirt becoming so transparent that he could clearly see her bra and breasts. To prevent geeting cold, it was suggest to change the dry clothes and take a hot bath. Mother took the bath first and boy have a charge to peer the shadow of her naked body when passing her the clothes. The clothes is tight for mother that she could not button up all the buttons. When boy put off his clothes for bath, he found mother left her underwear there and when he tried to smell them, mother rush in as she just remembered that she left her clothes there. Both are embarrassed as mother saw boy's health young naked body and also let the boy know she wearing no underwear while boy let her know what he is doing on her underwear. When she ran out the bathroom, boy also ran out for explaination, however he lost balance, and whole body was pressing mother from the back. Mother tried to escape but her actions excited him much and he ejaculated over her face and breats when he just get up and she is turning around. She is turning on by this and swallow them and eventually explode her desire
2014/10/02(Thu) 03:35:52 [ No.896 ]

◆ No new story, please Contributor:Thrawn    Quotation 

After reading your blog can I request you NOT start a new story. Please continue Blue Eyes, that is already a GREAT story that needs more volumes and an ending. How about publishing that story from the france.jp website?
2014/08/02(Sat) 23:12:00 [ No.810 ]

◆ 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 available from J-List! Contributor:Yamal    Quotation 

Hello, everyone!

I'm just sending this message to let everyone know that J-List has 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 in stock at last. I have already purchased mine. Buy it before it runs out of stock. ^_^
2014/07/29(Tue) 19:47:54 [ No.801 ]
◇ Re: 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 available from J-List! Contributor:drpig    Quotation 

Thanks! I purchase it immediately!
2014/07/29(Tue) 22:54:53 [ No.802 ]
◇ Re: 'Dear My Mother' volume 2 available from J-List! Contributor:stevelee    Quotation 

Thank you for the information, just placed an order.
2014/08/02(Sat) 16:54:41 [ No.809 ]

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