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◆ Scarlet Desire Art Collection vol.003 Contributor:Toastern    Quotation 

Hello Nishimaki-san.
Will the Scarlet Desire Art Collection vol.003 be available for international fans (via J-list or similar e-shop) or will it be available to buy for download on DL-Site?
2015/08/31(Mon) 08:45:21 [ No.949 ]

◆ Welcome Back Blue Eyes Contributor:Jesus Araiza    Quotation 

Thank you, I'll be waiting for the new work, I looove this series, I hope digital download for purchase soon becomes avaiable, I admire your work so much Tohru Sensei!!!
2015/07/05(Sun) 13:48:25 [ No.937 ]

◆ scarlet desire EX manga version Contributor:    Quotation 

Will Scarlet Desire EX ever get a full color manga release??? (I don't like digital content)
2015/05/24(Sun) 06:46:30 [ No.929 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

I thank you for your post.

Download version is no cost, but the printing cost is high.

However booklet version of the Scarlet Desire EX also I'm planning to make.
2015/06/27(Sat) 10:12:42 [ No.935 ]

◆ Blue Eyes continues!?! Contributor:Thrawn    Quotation 

I noticed recently on your Japanese blog there were pics of Meg, Lisa and Naomi with the caption Chapter 49. Which is where Blue Eyes volume 9 left off. Will the Blue Eyes saga be starting up again? I hope so. Also do you do commission works? Thank you.
2014/11/24(Mon) 09:28:58 [ No.903 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

Thank you for your post.
I always thank you for cheering you.

Currently, I'm writing a BLUEEYES chapter.49.

If progress smoothly and will be delivered a new work in the summer.

Since draw the girl is a long time, that feeling for has not returned to the hand.
2015/06/27(Sat) 10:08:36 [ No.934 ]

◆ Is this the end of Scarlet Desire? Contributor:Fellini 08    Quotation 

Hi Tohru,
me again.... i've just read that you'll continue Blue Eyes... hmm I'm little sad about this, because I think that Scarlet Desire/Dear my Mother are your masterworks!! Hitomi is soooooo sexy & beautiful. I hope in the near future you'll draw/write a third part... Maybe with the story, that the son have an affair with a very erotic, older woman (a very busty, beautiful secretary who give him ultimate hand and blow jobs) and Hitomi is jeaulus and have an affair with a very young man... in the end of the story the'll will reconcile and live still together... Currently I'm reading comics from your collegue Hara Shigeyuki. I think he can't draw such wonderful women like you, but he has good ideas, movements and tempo in his stories and I like the situations that strange mens grapped his busty women and ripped their clothes from her bodies..
2015/06/11(Thu) 22:21:19 [ No.932 ]

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