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◆ No title Contributor:reader    Quotation 

Hello Mr. Nishimaki

Will there be continuation of Dear My Mother?
2020/07/24(Fri) 00:05:13 [ No.1084 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

Dear my Mother is complete.
I think I drew Hitomi enough.

However, the color short story, Busty Beauty Mom, will continue.
Draw episodes that were not drawn in the main story.
2020/08/11(Tue) 18:49:41 [ No.1088 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Michael    Quotation 

No more Hitomi? That's unfortunate. It would have been nice to see Tetsuya meet her.
2020/11/07(Sat) 17:46:29 [ No.1090 ]

◆ I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! Contributor:    Quotation 

Hello Nishimaki-san. I am a Canadian fan. I have been a fan of your books since my early teenage years in the early 2000s. I still love them as much as I did back then. Scarlet Desire is my favorite series. I wish I could buy all your books in English and put them on my shelf.

Any interest in making more Doujinshi character books? Like you did with Cattleya and Mai Shiranui? I would love to see more Cattleya and Rana with some story. How about other characters like Iori Rinko from Gundam?
2020/10/18(Sun) 08:18:39 [ No.1089 ]

◆ English Fanbox Contributor:Thrawn    Quotation 

Dear Mr. Nishimaki
Is there an English version or translation of your Fanbox account. I'd like to see what each tier has to offer. Oh and more Blue Eyes please.
2020/07/13(Mon) 14:47:11 [ No.1083 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

There seems to be no English version of the support site FANBOX.

The contents posted by FANBOX and FANTIA are the same.

I've been less motivated and focused lately, probably because of my age.

I hope that BLEEYES can be restarted soon.
2020/08/11(Tue) 18:33:33 [ No.1087 ]

◆ contact Contributor:    Quotation 

Hello Mr. Nishimaki
I am form Argentina.
I have been reading your work since long time ago.
Are there any chance to contact with you for a personal request?
I respect and admire your work.
2020/06/09(Tue) 07:05:02 [ No.1082 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

Thanks for your comment.

What are your personal requests?

2020/08/11(Tue) 03:20:22 [ No.1086 ]

◆ Thank you for your what you have done Contributor:nanako    Quotation 

Hello Mr. Nishimaki

I haven't heard from BLUE EYES series for a long time。

Are you still drawing this yet?

Thank you for your efforts。

2020/04/13(Mon) 01:18:04 [ No.1081 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

I have the intention to draw the continuation of BLUEEYES, but I am writing a new series and I have no time.
2020/08/10(Mon) 03:34:06 [ No.1085 ]

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