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◆ DMM Season 2 Contributor:DMM Fan    Quotation 

Any plan to draw DMM Season 2 which tell the story after Hitomi and Syun's secret marriage, Scene 17.1, 17.2... including dating in the park and having sex in the shadow of the woods, feeding Syun by Hitomi's breast milk in the bady caring centre when they're shopping in the shopping centre, night live of desired wife and husband...
2015/10/17(Sat) 23:53:58 [ No.953 ]
◇ Re: DMM Season 2 Contributor:Chao-Chen (Jack) Lin    Quotation 

Personally, I'd also like to see the Pregnant/Birth Sex between Hitomi and Shun as well asap, please.
2016/04/16(Sat) 12:31:55 [ No.979 ]

◆ New blue eyes Contributor:David Paterson    Quotation 

I'm really looking forward to the new blue eyes chapters. Is there any news on when they will be coming out? Thank you very much.
2015/10/16(Fri) 22:11:53 [ No.952 ]

◆ Scarlet Desire Art Collection vol.003 Contributor:Toastern    Quotation 

Hello Nishimaki-san.
Will the Scarlet Desire Art Collection vol.003 be available for international fans (via J-list or similar e-shop) or will it be available to buy for download on DL-Site?
2015/08/31(Mon) 08:45:21 [ No.949 ]

◆ Welcome Back Blue Eyes Contributor:Jesus Araiza    Quotation 

Thank you, I'll be waiting for the new work, I looove this series, I hope digital download for purchase soon becomes avaiable, I admire your work so much Tohru Sensei!!!
2015/07/05(Sun) 13:48:25 [ No.937 ]

◆ scarlet desire EX manga version Contributor:    Quotation 

Will Scarlet Desire EX ever get a full color manga release??? (I don't like digital content)
2015/05/24(Sun) 06:46:30 [ No.929 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

I thank you for your post.

Download version is no cost, but the printing cost is high.

However booklet version of the Scarlet Desire EX also I'm planning to make.
2015/06/27(Sat) 10:12:42 [ No.935 ]

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