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◆ Beginning of the End Contributor:Thrawn    Quotation 

Hello Mr. Nishimaki
So Titillation is over. What's next? An all new series, maybe a fantasy adventure with different types of female creatures all with different large breasts? Do you have a patreon or pixiv site we can donate to and get the Blue Eyes series continued? Please keep creating great content.
2018/12/04(Tue) 13:48:07 [ No.1069 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

Thank you always for your support.

Five more episodes are needed to record on a book.

Therefore I decided to draw the extra edition using the setting of W-titillation.

The content is a historical drama, a transformation heroine, time slip SF.
2018/12/11(Tue) 11:35:38 [ No.1070 ]


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