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Hello Mr. Nishimaki
Thank you for bringing back the English BBS, giving fans the chance to talk. Are there plans for more Blue eyes Chapters? Will we be able to purchase collections of W-titillation? Maybe introducing more characters into that series? Are you taking requests for commissions (original sketches)? Please keep up the great work.
2018/08/21(Tue) 12:06:59 [ No.1061 ]
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Thank you for your post.
Of course I will draw a continuation of "BLUE EYES".

However, as the time is spent writing a series of manuscripts, other manuscripts can not be drawn as a matter of fact.

Only mother and daughter appear in W - titillation.
It is because I think that the story will collapse when another female character comes out.

Basically, custom-made manuscripts deliver digital data.
However, it is very expensive.
2018/08/22(Wed) 14:42:32 [ No.1062 ]
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Thank YOU for the responses. Sorry if we (your hard core fans) are bothering you about Blue Eyes. It's a story that is amazing and it deserves a proper ending (not to mention the time slip scenes you might have) Let us know if there is anything your fans can do to help motivate you for more of your awesome content. Also where can your fans not in Japan get your books? Will W-titillation be sold in a collection book? Keep up the great work.
2018/08/22(Wed) 16:26:41 [ No.1067 ]
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Try this mail order method


2018/08/24(Fri) 10:58:03 [ No.1068 ]


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