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◆ SDEX Contributor:alexyoung    Quotation 

dear sensei

any new on sdex chapter 17 and 18? it very long you not updated it. i like to see more about hitomi ayase
2018/02/19(Mon) 13:13:16 [ No.1057 ]
◇ Re: SDEX Contributor:    Quotation 

If you are looking for news stuffs about hitomi Ayase i m making 3d art virtual story with her.Please contact me at k_r_n_1_sakai@live.fr.You wont be disapointed;-)
2018/04/26(Thu) 22:11:27 [ No.1058 ]
◇ Re: SDEX Contributor:Ace    Quotation 

Can you email me some sample?
2018/06/02(Sat) 06:34:47 [ No.1060 ]

◆ No title Contributor:    Quotation 

Dear Nishimaki san....

I really love Blue Eyes series and I hope a new volume from you soon....I behind you all the way...:3
2018/05/24(Thu) 15:17:00 [ No.1059 ]

◆ Blue Eyes Chapter 49 Contributor:    Quotation 

Hello Nishimaki San

I am in Tokyo for two more days. Is there anywhere I can purchase a copy of Chapter 49 before I go?
2018/01/07(Sun) 14:01:39 [ No.1056 ]

◆ Dear my mother Contributor:Yeyeyeyeyeahhhh    Quotation 

Tohru, does your works can also be animated in the future? Because I really enjoyed reading your works
like dear my mother.
Hoping for answers soon. :)
2017/12/30(Sat) 22:18:17 [ No.1055 ]

◆ No title Contributor:Thepowerhouse    Quotation 

Dear Tohru

I'd like to see more of hitomi ayase
2017/10/27(Fri) 09:18:30 [ No.1050 ]
◇ Re: No title Contributor:    Quotation 

Hi Powerhouse,
Contact me at this email:
I might have something interesting for you about Hitomi Ayase...
2017/11/17(Fri) 07:16:20 [ No.1052 ]
◇ Re: No title Contributor:SD fan    Quotation 

Cant u post it here wat is it about hitomi
2017/11/25(Sat) 19:39:11 [ No.1053 ]
◇ Re: No title Contributor:    Quotation 

send me a email i will reply you...
2017/12/15(Fri) 06:39:21 [ No.1054 ]

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