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◆ Bigger than Super Boobs Contributor:Kroz    Quotation 

Hello Mr. Nishimaki,

I have purchased "Super Boobs" and am absolutely in love with Emma. Her breasts are beautiful at 214cm, I think she has the largest breasts you've drawn.

I was wondering if you have any plans to make a girl go even bigger than Emma. I would love to see you try and push even further and create a character that has breasts that are larger.

I am requesting this as a fan of your work and passionate about breasts. Bigger is always better!

Thank you!

2021/07/28(Wed) 05:40:23 [ No.1099 ]

◆ Commission Inquiry Contributor:    Quotation 


I have been a longtime admirer of your work and I was wondering if you are available for commissions. If so, how much would you charge per comic page.

--Thank you,

John Roberts.
2021/06/09(Wed) 09:09:39 [ No.1098 ]

◆ No title Contributor:bora    Quotation 

hi mr nishimaki
blue eyes the train temptation is over?
2021/05/28(Fri) 23:35:41 [ No.1097 ]

◆ No title Contributor:    Quotation 

hello mr nishimaki
i like very your work
if you are time i want know if d lovers gino to gimai have a next episodes
and i have a favour i want see aunt sera pregnant of tatsuya
and grand mother of maria fuck with tatsuya
and i have very fan of hijab hentai could you do an episode with hijab woman incest
2021/03/13(Sat) 08:03:12 [ No.1091 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:Tohru Nishimaki    Quotation 

Thank you for your message.
"W-incest Gibo to Gimai" is an unfinished work that was interrupted by the publisher, and there is no continuation.
However, the work that rebooted it is "W-titillation".

Hijab seems to make women look mysterious.
I would like to draw if I have the opportunity to draw, but for now I can't think of how to incorporate it into my work.
2021/04/28(Wed) 18:27:08 [ No.1095 ]
◇ Re: Contributor:bora    Quotation 

thank you for your reponse
mr nishimaki

because of my job i dont watch often your site nhentai

i would looking forward your story with hijab
2021/05/04(Tue) 21:01:42 [ No.1096 ]

◆ No title Contributor:bora    Quotation 

hi mr nishimaki

i see that double titilation is the next episode of w incest gibo to gimai double incest step other and sister

but in double titilation mother have more big boob
the w double titilation is the next episode or not
2021/04/14(Wed) 23:06:00 [ No.1094 ]

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